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Notices of Meetings of the LSC Board of Directors

Non-Confidential Materials Considered At Meetings of the LSC Board of Directors and Its Committees

Matters for Comment

Strategic Planning

Development of Regulatory Agenda

Rulemaking Protocol

Rulemaking Notices

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1602 - Freedom of Information Act

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1604 - Outside Practice of Law

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1606: Termination and debarment procedures; recompetition

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1609 - Fee Generating Cases

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1611 - Financial Eligibility

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1618 - Enforcement procedures

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1621 - Client Grievance Procedures

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1623 - Suspension procedures

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1624 - Prohibition Against Discrimination on the Basis of Disability

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1626 - Restrictions on Legal Assistance to Aliens

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1639 - Welfare Reform

 Rulemaking - "Alternative Sanctions"


REMOVAL of Regulation

Removal of 45 CFR Part 1631


Grant Competition

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Policy Statements & Interpretations

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Administrative Manuals/Instructions Affecting Public or Recipients

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Other Records of General Interest

FOIA Reports

LSC Annual Reports

National Conversation on Gender & Diversity

National Dialogue on Gender and Justice
March 31, 2001

Erlenborn Commission Report

Program Visit Reports

Other Records of General Interest