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What Can The Complaint Process Not Do?

  • Make a Legal Services Program take your case. There is no entitlement to legal assistance in a civil case. A legal services program has the discretion to decide which cases to take and which to decline. Among the factors considered is the type of case and whether it is consistent with program priorities and the likelihood of success.
  • Recover Money Damages. LSC has no power to award damages to a complainant, even if LSC finds a program acted contrary to the LSC Act or regulations.
  • Make the Lawyer take action you wish him or her to take. Your attorney is a professional and has the responsibility to act in the best possible manner, considering the local law. Frequently, your attorney will present you with your options and should discuss your case with you.
  • Resolve complaints about rude behavior. Again, this is not something LSC can regulate. Nevertheless, if you believe the staff person at the local legal services program is acting in an unprofessional manner, please let that person's supervisor know about this. If the person behaving improperly is the director of the local program, you may contact a board member of the local program with respect to your concerns.
  • Represent you directly or find a lawyer who will represent you for no charge. LSC is not authorized to represent anyone directly, by itself. Similarly, it cannot arrange for personal representation of an individual with a private attorney.