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Can I File A Confidential Complaint?

The Legal Services Corporation is governed by the Freedom of Information Act, which means that there is a likelihood that the substance of your complaint, if not your identity, may be disclosed to the public. You may request confidentiality, however, we cannot assure you that your identity may never be discovered. It should be noted that we do seek to resolve complaints in a discreet manner.

If you are not a client or an applicant of the program, we will ask that you sign a Grant of Authority to give us permission to disclose your identity to the program as the complainant. If you have published your complaint broadly, say, for example, on a webpage or in a copy of your letter to a newspaper or a member of Congress, we will construe that you do not wish your complaint be maintained in confidence, but we will notify you, prior to contacting the program.

If you are an applicant for assistance or a client of the program, we may need to obtain a waiver of the attorney-client privilege, before the program may disclose all the information it has on your case to LSC. Nevertheless, LSC will seek to maintain this information in high confidence. The LSC regulations provide, for example, that LSC may not disclose income eligibility information provided to it by a recipient of LSC funds.

Finally, it should be noted that filing a complaint is a serious step and any false accusations may result in a civil action being filed by a person who believes he or she has been wrongly accused.