Replicable TIG Projects - Communications

TIG 10008 - Legal Aid of West Virginia - Videoconferencing

Over the past decade, TIG has funded many successful video conferencing initiatives. In 2011, Legal Aid of West Virginia implemented a statewide videoconferencing system across its twelve offices. Videoconferencing has increased quality and quantity of services provided to clients across the state by reducing travel needs and fostering collaboration amonge expert advocates in different parts of the state.

Final Report:

TIG 07355 - Legal Aid of the Bluegrass - Open Source Telephony

Open source telephony can reduce costs and provide greater flexibility to programs implementing VoIP phone systems. With TIG 07355, Legal Aid of the Bluegrass deployed an Asterisk-based Trixbox PBX system that created a stronger communications system for both clients and advocates. TIG encourages legal aid providers that lack the technical capacity internally to implement open source phone systems to engage Asterisk vendors in addition to proprietary solutions providers.