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2014 TIG Application Webinar

2013 TIG Cycle Informational Webinar

The 2013 TIG cycle webinar covers eligibility for the program; 2013 areas of interest; the application process, including Letters of Intent; and the TIG online application system.

2012 TIG Grantee Evaluation Planning Webinar

The TIG Evaluation Planning webinar recording (recorded in January 2013 for 2012 TIG grantees) is available. The webinar was recorded using the GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar codec. Most users should be able to view the webinar after downloading it; however, some may need to also download and install the special codec. Users may also need to right-click on the webinar and save it to their computer.

2011 TIG Evaluation Plan Webinar

In December 2011, TIG staff shared guidance on preparing TIG project evaluation plans. These evaluation plans are required for all TIG initiatives.


2011 TIG Evaluation Plan Webinar


2011 TIG Reporting Webinar

In June 2011, TIG staff led a webinar on submitting complete and accurate payment request reporting.

TIG Reporting Webinar - June 2011 from David Bonebrake on Vimeo.

2011 TIG Conference Presentation

TIG staff led a session on effective grant management and compliance during the 2011 TIG Conference. Grantees can access the presentation slides through the embedded viewer.