2010 TIG Conference

January 13-15th, 2010
Austin, Texas

LSC  hosted its 10th annual TIG Conference in Austin, Texas at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown.

This year several events were held in conjunction with the TIG conference:


See the 2010 TIG Conference Agenda and Session Descriptions for a list of all sessions.

Wednesday 1/13/2010

The Integration of Timekeeping, Case Management, Accounting Systems - Can They Come Together in Harmony? (Administrator Track)

Presenters: Angie MacKay and Cynthia Vaughn

Project Management

Emerging Trends in Technology (Tech and Lawyer Track)

Presenters: Joyce Raby and Ron Staudt

Emerging Trends Presentation

Knowledge Management: What it is, why it matters and (Google) options for making what you know findable (Lawyer Track)

Presenters: Brian Lawlor and Ron Staudt

Knowledge Management Presentation

Green your IT and Reduce Costs through Virtualization (Tech Track)

Presenters: Chuck Mills and William Guyton

Virtualization, Chuck Mills

Choice Management-How can technology help us make better choices in law practice and organizational management

Presenter: Marc Lauritsen

Choice Management

Thursday 1/14/2010

The New Frontier of Intake: Enhancing Intake with Online Tools (Lawyer Track)

Presenters: William Guyton; Martin Ostensen; Cynthia Vaughn, Cheryl Nolan

The Web-based Client Application, Martin Ostensen
A2J Online Intake, Cynthia Vaughn

Technology Policy and Procedures: Protecting Client and Program Data (Tech Track)

Presenter: Donald Carder

Technology Policies and Procedures presentation
SANS Security Policy Roadmap; SANS Information Security Policy-A Development Guide; SANS- Technical Writing for IT Security Policies in five Easy Steps: those articles can be found on http://www.sans.org/reading_room/whitepapers/policyissues/
Technology Policies and Procedures-Protecting Client and Program Data

Website Breakout- Open Source Template (Website and Doct Assembly Track)

Presenters: David Bonebrake; Abhijeet Chavan

OST handout
Open Source Template/DLAW

Website Breakout-Pro Bono Net (Website and Doct Assembly Track)

Presenters: Liz Keith and Claudia Johnson

PBN Session Agenda
January 2010-Live Help Report
PBN National Marketing Report

E-Discovery Jeopardy (Tech and Lawyer Track)

Presenter: Craig Ball


Ignite Plenary Session

Presenters: Marc Lauritsen; Leah Margulies; Steven McGarrity;Kristin Verrill; Claudia Johnson; Madhu Lakshmanan; Kathleen Caldwell; David Bonebrake

2010 Ignite Session presentations

Responding to the Current Economy:Triage Tools and Resources for Military-Connected Individuals (Lawyer Track)

Presenters: Kathleen Caldwell; Vince Morris; Kristin Verrill

Workflow Chart; Military Categories; IMC Handout
Stateside Legal, an Online Resource for Finding Legal Resources-All Branches,Veterans, Family Members

Strategic Planning for Telephone Systems: How To's and Examples (Tech Track)

Presenters:Steve Green and Zahid Masood

Planning for Telephone Systems part 1 and part 2

What's New with LawHelp Interactive and A2J Author (Website/Doct Assembly Track)

Presenters: Kate Bladow and Rachel Medina

LawHelp Interactive and A2J Author

Pro Se Clinics and Document Assembly (Lawyer Track)

Presenters: Michelle Hopkins and Claudia Johnson

Document Assembly in Clinical Settings

Using Imaging Software to Streamline Windows Systems Administration ( Tech Track)

Presenters: Donald Carder and Michael Bowen

Prepare Source for Disk Duplication
Diskless Remote Boot in Linux
Links and Resources for System Imaging
Clonezilla Server Edition
Imaging presentation
How to Install a new Motherboard without Reinstalling Windows. This article can be found at http://arstechnica.com/hardware/news/2007/09/how-to-install-a-new-motherboard-without-reinstalling-windows.ars

Website Usability and Understanding Web Analystics (Website/Document Assembly Track)

Presenter: Abhijeet Chavan


Friday 1/15/2010

NTAP and Pro Bono Net Updates-What's new for you in 2010

Presenters: Kathleen Brockel; Rachel Medina; Liz Keith; Kate Bladow; Claudia Johnson

NTAP updates and handout
What's New at PBN 2010
January 2010 Live Help Report
PBN National Marketing Support

BTOP and maybe other funding sources

Presenter: Cynthia Vaughn

BTOP and other Funding Sources

TIG Updates from LSC

Presenters: Bristow Hardin; Glenn Rawdon; Jane Ribadeneyra

Overview of Evaluation Planning for TIG Non-Website Grants
LSC Grants and TIG


If you couldn't make it to Austin, TX for the 2010 TIG Conference, you can still attend the conference 'virtually' by watching the webcast of some sessions by Illinois Legal Aid Online


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