Status of FOIA Requests 2014

FOIA Reference Number Date Request Received Description of Request Estimated Date of Completion Status of Request
2014-01 12-31-13 Records in the possession of Loudoun General District Court 01-14-14 Closed
14-05 (OIG) 01-02-14 Emails in the Inspector General's FOIA Office...that contain the word "Ravnitzky." 01-31-14 Closed
2014-02 01-06-14 Emails in LSC's FOIA Office that contain the word "Ravnitzky" 02-04-14 Closed
2014-03 01-20-14 Correspondence pertaining to Leadership Directories 02-17-14 Closed
2014-04 02-03-14 Copy of documentation explaining why inmates incarcerated in any facility (jail or prison) are denied legal assistance 03-04-14 Closed
2014-05 02-04-14 Technology Information 03-05-14 Closed
2014-06 02-05-14 Immigration related legal opinions and memoranda issued by Legal Services Corporation from January 1, 2011 through February 2014 03-06-14 Closed
2014-07 03-13-14 LSC Fact Book dating back to 1993 04-10-14 Closed
2014-08 03-17-14 Information regarding LSC's Health Insurance Plan for the years 1999 through February 2014 04-21-14 Closed
2014-09 03-19-14 Case Disclosure Reports provided by Colorado Legal Services to LSC from January 1, 2009 to the present 04-16-14 Closed
14-06 (OIG) 02-18-14 Copy of any and all meeting minutes and agendas for meetings of the CCIG - Council of Counsels to the Inspector General limited to CCIG meetings held between January 1, 2006 and the present 03-12-14 Closed
14-07 (OIG) 03-17-14 Seeks communication between OIG and Colorado Legal Services 04-14-14 Closed
14-08 (OIG) 03-19-14 Seeking an OIG ROI on Colorado Legal Services 04-16-14 Closed
14-09 (OIG) 04-01-14 Requesting a list of all investigations completed by LSC's Office of Inspector General during calendar year 2013 and 2014 (as of April 1, 2014) 04-18-14 Closed
2014-10 04-24-14 Request seeking information relating to a case that was recently investigated by LSC OIG against Legal Aid of Western Missouri ("LawMo") 05-01-14 Closed
14-10 (OIG) 04-24-14 Request seeking records relating to a case that was recently investigated by the LSC OIG atainst Legal Aid of Western Missouri ("LawMo") 05-08-14 Closed
2014-11 05-02-14 Request seeking information regarding investigations/assessments made by LSC's Office of Compliance and Enforcement ("OCE") 05-23-14 Closed
2014-12 05-09-14 Request seeking information regarding the Deputy Director Program Performance and Deputy Director General Compliance positions 06-09-14 Closed
2014-13 05-13-14 Requesting electronic copy of all Case Information Reports submitted by Legal Services NYC from 1/1/2008 to the date the request is processed 05-27-14 Closed
2014-14 05-23-14 Request seeking information for the last awarded bid and proposal of Legal Aid Defenders Association, Inc. (LADA) 06-11-14 Closed
2014-15 05-28-14 Request seeking any valuable information pertaining to criminal attorneys specializing in pro bono work in South Carolina 06-09-14 Closed
2014-16 05-28-14 Request seeking information regarding Questioned Costs 06-25-14 Closed
2014-17 06-04-14 Request seeking correspondence from United States Congressman Bruce Braley and the response to the correspondence from January 2007 to the present 07-01-14 Closed
2014-18 06-04-14 Request seeking correspondence from United States Congressman Bruce Braley and the response to the correspondence from January 2007 to the present 07-01-14 Closed
2014-19 06-05-14 Request seeking a copy of LSC's denial of Lane County Oregon's federal funding 07-09-14 Closed
2014-20 06-08-14 Requesting a list of all New York City organizations that we have received funding from Legal Services Corporation 07-03-14 Closed
2014-21 06-10-14 Request seeking copies of all questions submitted and answers regarding Questions for the Record produced between January 1, 2014 through the present 07-10-14 Closed
2014-22 06-12-14 Request seeking LSC grantee information 07-11-14 Closed
2014-23 06-17-14 Request seeking correspondence regarding LSC's Program Quality Visit to Texas RioGrande 07-10-14 Closed
2014-24 06-18-14 Seeking a copy of the Agency FOIA Log for the last two years 07-10-14 Closed
2014-25 06-30-14 Copy of contract between Legal Services of Eastern Michigan located in Flint, MI and the Admin Support Team (TAST) located in Flint, MI 07-29-14 Closed
14-11 (OIG) 05-29-14 List of investigations closed during calendar year 2013 06-16-14 Closed
2014-26 07-15-14 Copies of the 2015 NIC and RFP submitted by Smith & Henry PC for the M-13 service area for grant years 2015 and 2018 08-12-14 Closed
2014-27 07-29-14 Copies of Federal Contract Solicitation/Offer from 2004-2009 08-26-14 Closed
2014-28 08-18-14 Copy of LSC’s most recent Communications Plan 09-05-14 Closed
2014-29 08-07-14 Seeking all documentation related to the last three audits of LAWO including but not limited to the independent evaluations 09-04-14 Closed
14-12 (OIG) 08-18-14 Seeking all information relating to the Office of Inspector General's investigation pertaining to Ember Ann Oakley 08-27-14 Closed
2014-30 09-18-14 Seeking information regarding Ronald S. Flagg, Sidley Austin LLP, Laura M. Kotelman, Gregory Michael Gawron, AT&T, SBC Telecom, Sidley Austin LLP Practice Development et al. 09-26-14 Closed
2014-31 09-22-14 Seeking a copy of LAWO’s response and LSC’s request for additional and complimentary information 10-02-14 Closed