Status of FOIA Requests and Responses 2017

FOIA Reference Number Date Request   Received  Description of Request Estimated Date of Completion Response to Request Status of Request
17-01 (OIG) 12-27-16 Requesting a copy or printout of the list of LSC OIG investigations closed during calendar years 2015 and 2016 01-23-17 Closed
2017-01 10-31-16 Requesting a copy of the Freedom of Information Act APPEALS Log for LSC from 2009-2016 11-09-16 Closed
17-02 (OIG) 10-31-16 Requesting any and all documents related to the Inspection of 720 Travis Street and any and all documentation related to any inspections of the Judge Leon Emmanuel 11-01-16 (02-06-17-Reactiviation Response) Closed
2017-02 11-07-16 Requesting documents pertaining to Central California Legal Services, Inc. 12-06-16 Closed
2017-03 11-08-16 Requesting information on LSC grants by state for 1992-2003 and 2013 12-07-16 Closed
2017-04 11-18-16 Requesting the most current LSC staff list by name and office 12-05-16 Closed
2017-05 11-25-16 Requesting a hard copy of the 2015 Fact Book 12-05-16 Closed
2017-06 11-25-16 Requesting correspondence from Congressman Pat Tiberi (OH-12) or his staff and the response to the correspondence regarding policy, legislation, or regulations, recommendations for executive branch positions or appointments, or support or opposition to federal funding for programs, projects or companies from January 2001 through the present 12-13-16 Closed
2017-07 12-06-16 Requesting a copy of LSC agency briefing materials related to the Presidential transition for Agency Review Teams or Agency Landing Teams  12-16-16 Closed
2017-08 12-13-16 Requesting LSC Grantee Information 01-30-17 Closed
2017-09 12-16-16 Requesting LSC contract for the most recent lease of photocopying equipment, and a copy of written analysis of the per page costs for photocopying 01-31-17 Closed
2017-10 12-26-16 Requesting LSC's Risk Management Information 01-05-17 Closed
2017-11 12-26-16 Requesting guidebook, manual, guidelines or handbook for the LSC Technical Assistance Reviews (TARs) Program 01-18-17 Closed
17-02 (OIG) 12-27-16 Requesting a copy or printout of the list of LSC OIG investigations lcosed during calendar years 2015 and 2016 01-23-17 Closed
2017-12 12-28-16 Requesting 2016 field grant information for the Legal Aid Society of Orange County 01-18-17 Closed
2017-13 01-21-17 Requesting copy of LSC's Eweb home page and any page one level down 02-13-17 Closed
2017-14 01-23-17 Requesting LSC's Office of Compliance and Enforcements Manual 02-17-17 Closed
17-03 (OIG) 01-31-17 Requesting Management Information Memoranda/Management Information Memorandums 02-08-17 Closed
2017-15 02-03-17 Requesting Case Priorities - Legal Aid Puerto Rico  03-06-17  No response prepared - Request withdrawn by requester Closed
2017-16 02-14-17 Requesting findings from investigation of Ocean Monmouth Legal Services 03-06-17 Closed
2017-17 02-14-17 Requesting digital/electronic copy of Strategic Directions Progress Report, LSC's Policy on Selecting Grantees for On-Site Evaluations, "Public Communications regarding LSC's Access to Justice Work", and the LSC Financial Statement Review Memorandum (FSRM) 02-28-17 Closed
2017-18 02-21-17 Requesting an electronic copy of the FOIA Case Logs for calendar years 2010-2016 03-08-17 Closed
17-04 (OIG) 02-21-17 Information regarding case management software 03-20-17 Closed
2017-19 03-06-17 Requesting electronic/digital copy of the LSC Congressional Budget Justification for FY2018 03-22-17   Closed
17-05 (OIG) 03-08-17 Requesting any findings after the OIG investigation of Ocean-Monmouth Legal Services 03-09-17  Closed
17-06 (OIG) 03-09-17 Requesting a list, schedule, log, printout, or other record with the title, number, issuance date, and classification/sensitivity level of each audit, inspection, and evaluation report produced by LSC/OIG and not posted on the OIG's public-facing web page during calendar years 2012 through 2016. 03-29-17 Closed
2017-20 03-13-17 Requesting a copy of all letter correspondence at the Legal Services Administration TO or FROM the Government Accountability Office during calendar years 2015, 2016 and 2017 to date 03-28-17 Closed
2017-21 03-14-17 Requesting appeal information during the period January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2016 03-21-17 Closed
2017-22 03-14-17  Requesting the LSC Basic Field funding by grantee for 2016 and 2017 03-22-17  Closed
2017-23 03-21-17 Requesting information regarding Shawn Ferris and the bonding company that is affiliated with his insurance 03-29-17 Closed
2017-24 03-28-17 Requesting attorney referral regarding a FOIA Appeal lawsuit against the Executive Office for US Attorneys and the Department of Justice 04-05-17 Closed
2017-25 03-31-17 Requesting correspondence from Congressman Robert "Beto" O'Rourke and the response to the correspondence from January 2013 to the present 04-13-17 Closed
2017-26 04-21-17 Requesting information regarding Leadeship Directories and Caroline Zechter 05-18-17




2017-27 04-28-17 All emails received by Legal Services Corporation from January 20, 2017 through April 28, 2017 from any Republican National Committee domain, including but not limited to emails from 05-25-17  Closed
2017-28 05-01-17 Requesting software and hardware purchases/quotes during the last 3 years, and contracts for Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle and VMWARE 06-27-17  No response prepared - No response from requester


17-07 (OIG) 05-02-17 Requesting records regarding Overton Brooks VA Center in Shreveport from May 2014 through May 2017 05-02-17  No response prepared - Request withdrawn by requester Closed
2017-29 05-05-17 Requesting records regarding the requester from 2010 through the present 06-05-17

Not Available


2017-30 05-15-17 Requesting information regarding funding for Inland Counties Legal Services (Riverside County) 06-1-17 Closed 
2017-31 05-22-17 Requesting information regarding New Mexico Legal Aid and Legal Services Corporation's investigation 06-20-17

2017-32 05-25-17 Requesting all emails to or from the Office of Management and Budget between May 1, 2017 and the present, and a copy of all letter correspondence to or from Congressional Offices or Committee Offices or Subcommittee Offices between May 1, 2017 and the present 06-30-17


2017-33 05-30-17 Requesting the bonding company that the Legal Services Corporation attorneys of Southern Utah Community Legal Center, Ferris & Utley, PC has for their errors and omissions coverage 06-01-17

2017-34 06-05-17 Requesting a copy of all correspondence between LSC employees and ICLS regarding requesters complaints against ICLS 06-8-17  Not Available Closed
17-08 (OIG) 07-08-17

Requesting closing documents for LSC OIG cases:

15-053 Legal Services of North Louisiana; 16-017 Legal Services of Southern Missouri; 16-021 Lone Star Legal Aid; 16-032 Legal Services Alabama; 16-045 California Rural Legal Assistance


08-04-17 Closed
2017-35 07-13-17 Requesting Legal Services grants made between 1976-2003 08-10-17 Closed
2017-36 08-17-17 Requesting funding information 08-28-17

2017-37 08-23-17 Requesting correspondence to or from Congressman Ron DeSantis from 2013-2017 09-14-17

2017-38 09-15-17 Requesting correspondence to or from Congresswoman Diane Black from January 2011 through the present 09-28-17

2017-39 09-22-17 Requesting copy of disposition letter sent by Compliance Officer 09-27-17  Not Available Closed