Status of FOIA Requests and Responses 2019

FOIA Reference Number Date Request   Received  Description of Request Estimated Date of Completion Response to Request Status of Request
 19-01 (OIG)  10-06-18  Requester wanted proof that LSC was not blocking their requests for legal aid 10-26-18 Letter
2019-01 10-11-18 Requesting data for Massachusetts and New York Legal Aid Systems from 199-2017 for research project 11-09-18 Letter Documents

2019-02 11-15-18 Requesting hard copies of LSC's 2016 and 2017 Annual Reports 12-04-18 Mailed via United States Mail Closed
2019-03 12-05-18 Requesting LSC grantee information 12-21-18 Letter

2019-04 1-24-18 Requesting the total amount that LSC paid the financial statement auditor to perform their audit for each of thee years 2008-2018, inclusive.  The auditors are WithumSmith & Brown, Thompson, Cobb, Bezillo & Assoc., and Castro and Company 02-20-18   Document Search in Progress