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LSC grantees take cases on behalf of low-income clients including cases related to Consumer/Finance, Family, Housing, Education, Income Maintenance, Employment, and Health. Typically, the most common substantive case topics are related to Consumer/Finance, Housing, and Family. In 2015, the largest substantive case topic areas were family, housing, and income cases.
Data presented in this dashboard includes total organization expenditures pertaining to LSC and non-LSC expenses.
Nationally, the amount that LSC grantees spend on different expense categories has remained relatively consistent over time. Expenditures are defined as several categories. Personnel Costs, which include staff salaries and employee benefits are the largest category of expenditure for grantees, followed by Space and Services Operating Expenses. Other expense categories include Travel, Staff Development, Client Services, and Miscellaneous Expenses.
LSC grantees serve clients of all races, ethnic groups, genders, and ages. They include veterans and military families, families with children, the disabled, homeowners and renters, and the elderly. Seventy percent of all cases closed by LSC grantees in 2016 involved women. In 2016, LSC grantees helped nearly 1.8 million people in all household served. In this dashboard, the data presented represents the clients served by LSC grantees in 2016.
Nationwide, LSC funding represents 40% of all funding sources that LSC grantees receive. Data presented is inflation-adjusted in 2016 dollars based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics Inflation Calculator
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