Outcomes Toolkit

If you are new to outcomes management, you can read this guide in a book-like format, starting with Establishing an Outcomes System. (You can also start with the eLearning materials.) This is the first of 10 sections in the Outcomes Toolkit.

Below is a guide to the toolkit based on the questions that you might be asking.

I want to know what outcomes are and why they are important.

Can you show me some examples?

How do you collect outcomes?

What technology do I use to work with outcomes?

  • If your case management system supports outcomes reporting and/or dashboards, that's the easiest place to start. If not, many programs use Excel (or a similar spreadsheet application). More advanced options are described in this article. If you want to overhaul all of your systems to be able to powerfully work with data, here are some recommendations from LSC's CIO.

What kinds of reports should be developed?

Do you have any additional resources?