JusticeServer, a TechBridge solution, incorporates LSC’s official guidelines into its core ecosystem and helps the user determine whether or not a case qualifies for LSC funding. Outcomes for all cases are easily tracked through JusticeServer.

JusticeServer uses state-of-the-art, easily customizable outcome monitoring and offers the ability to track as many outcomes as desired in a case.

Once a monetary or non-monetary benefit has been selected, the user can enter details that will reside in a related list to the case:

Benefit types required by funders (including LSC) are all included as part of the JusticeServer package and any other funding requirements that may be needed for outcome reporting are easily added or adjusted.

Benefits can also be added upon a guided case closure form:

Once outcomes are reported, they can be monitored in real-time through dashboard reporting, automatically emailed to staff, and formatted to meet any funding requirements. Grouping by outcome, benefit type, amount type or amount is a breeze with the included fully customizable reporting in JusticeServer’s Salesforce based system.

Any case or contact field can be incorporated into this report with a few simple clicks, including household size, LSC problem code, level of service, legal issues, etc.

*Please note all screenshots are displaying light mode JusticeServer - each user has the option to view entire system in light or dark mode.