Basic Field Allocation Raw Files

This page provides the statistical software code and unformatted data files LSC uses to generate Basic Field Grant allocations. Visit the Basic Field Allocation Process page to read about the steps involved and to download relevant resources. Visit the Allocation Results page to download the results of Basic Field allocations for recent years.

Data Files

Poverty estimates for Basic Field General service areas

Poverty population estimates from multiple sources are involved in the allocations process. Not all sources are updated at the same time. Click here for a table of which poverty population sources should be used per fiscal year.

The files above include Alaska's poverty population at 125% of the federal poverty threshold and Hawaii's at 115%, per regulations. All other estimates are at 100% poverty. Poverty estimates for all territories (per the 2010 Decennial Census or as provided by the respective governments) are also included and are not posted here as a separate file. Click here to access the original 100% and 125% poverty estimates received from the Census Bureau.

Poverty estimates for agricultural workers by state

Service areas by grantee

Additional files


Statistical Software (R) Code

LSC uses code written for statistical software (also called a script) to combine information from the files listed above and to perform calculations for each step of the process. Click here to download the statistical software code LSC uses to calculate the Basic Field grant allocations each year. The file can be viewed in a text editor or run using the free statistical software RStudio. Update the script with the Basic Field Grant appropriation for the intended fiscal year, as well as the file paths for each relevant file. If you have any questions, please reach out to