LSC 2020 Grant Awards

Legal Services Corporation (LSC) has reached funding decisions for calendar year 2020 grant awards.  The funding decisions are contained in the 2020 funding decision chart. The funding chart shows the funding term, the grant amount, and the year of the next grant cycle for each service area.

The legislation we expect the President to sign on Friday, December 20, 2019, includes an increase of $22,200,000 for basic field grants over the FY 2019 appropriation. The funding chart reflects the increase in funding.

Award recipients will receive the Acceptance of Grant Award (AGA) and any special grant conditions through Adobe e-sign. Instructions for returning these grant documents are provided below: 

  1. Step-by-step Adobe e-sign Guide for Executive Directors
  2. Step-by-step Adobe e-sign Guide for Board Chairperson
  3. Video Tutorial for Adobe e-sign

Please contact with any questions or for assistance.