Recruiting & Retaining Pro Bono Attorneys & Volunteers

Retaining volunteers requires support, recognition, and collaboration.

The projects described below aim to involve private attorneys in providing legal assistance to low-income persons.

Civil Pro Bono Primer for the Young Lawyer

The Civil Pro Bono Primer for the Young Lawyer, drafted by Georgia Legal Services Program, provides an overview of civil pro bono work for newly admitted lawyers.

The primer emphasizes the historical involvement of Georgia's young lawyers in civil pro bono work as well as the necessity of continued volunteering in order to serve low-income clients.

The primer also

  • provides a brief history of civil pro bono work in Georgia
  • demonstrates the current need for pro bono
  • explains the role and organization of the Pro Bon Project of the State Bar of Georgia
  • offers examples of types of pro bono service

Pro Bono Care Kit

In 2013, the State Bar of Texas created a Care Kit to support local bar associations interested in holding civil legal services clinics. The kit includes a recruitment video as well as materials to organize and publicize a clinic.

As a way to encourage participation, the recruitment video explains the legal clinic process from several perspectives, including an attorney, client, and non-lawyer volunteer.

Other supporting documents include

Model Pro Bono Policy

The New York State Bar Association in collaboration with other organizations in the legal services community developed a model pro bono policy for small to mid-sized firms to encourage pro bono participation.

The model policy contains basic, suggested components of a law firm policy, based on a review of numerous firm policies, and was drafted so it could be easily adapted to fit each firm's unique needs. Key components include

  • statement of the law firm's commitment, including an aspirational goal for service and financial contribution
  • definition of pro bono
  • list of the duties of a pro bono coordinator
  • description of opportunities through local organized pro bono programs
  • administrative procedures for pro bono cases