Case Management Systems

We asked the developers of four popular legal aid case management systems for instructions on how to incorporate outcomes tracking into their systems. We are publishing their responses as they are received. We would welcome submissions from developers of other systems that are used at more than one legal aid program.

CMS Instructions

  • JusticeServer
  • Kemps Prime
  • LegalFiles
  • LegalServer
  • Pika CMS

JusticeServer, a TechBridge solution, incorporates LSC’s official guidelines into its core ecosystem and helps the user determine whether or not a case qualifies for LSC funding. Outcomes for all cases are easily tracked through JusticeServer.

Many funding sources are requiring more information than just closing codes. They want the grantee to provide information about how the case was closed and how many people were helped. They also want to know how the people were helped. Prime tracks this information for you. A tab on the client intake sheet brings up a form to allow the entry of the benefits to the client.

Legal Files supports an unlimited number of cases/matters, documents and users, and walks you through every aspect of case development

Outcomes V2 is a sophisticated tool within LegalServer that allows agencies to collect one or more outcomes achieved within a case. 

Pika Software is developing a module that can be used to track case outcomes. The module is available at no additional cost to current support subscribers. 

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