LSC Technology Summit Papers

The latest issue of the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology (JOLT) published seven articles from LSC's June 2012 technology summit. These articles focus on how to best utilize particular technologies to enhance access to justice in the American legal system; they are presented as a single integrated piece. The TIG program's own Jane Ribadeneyra authored the article on “Web-Based Legal Services Delivery Capabilities.” Other topics include:

  • Introduction to Using Technology to Increase Access to Justice (John Greacen)
  • Let's Note Make It Worse: Issues to Consider in Adopting New Technology (Bonnie Rose Hough)
  • Mobile Strategies for Legal Services (Abhijeet Chavan)
  • Access to Justice Integration with Emerging Court Technologies (James E. Cabral and Thomas M. Clarke)
  • Tech-Supported Triage: The Key to Maximizing Effectiveness and Access (Bonnie Rose Hough and Richard Zorza)
  • Overcoming Barriers to Adoption of Effective Technology Strategies for Improving Access to Justice (Linda Rexer and Phil Malone)

More papers from the Summit have been posted online, adding to those already published in the journal itself.

  • Summit on the Use of Technology to Expand Access to Justice: Analytical Framework (John M. Greacen and William L. Jones)
  • Using Technology to Unbundle in the Legal Services Community (Stephanie Kimbro)
  • A Decision Space for Legal Service Delivery (Marc Lauritsen)
  • Virtual Services Whitepaper (Susan Ledray)
  • Preliminary Thoughts on Blue Sky Technology Driven Access and Decision Systems (Richard Zorza)