Notes from Hackcess to Justice 2014

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Hackcess to Justice 2014 is underway at Suffolk University Law School. Allen Pusey (the Editor/Publisher of the ABA Journal) welcomed everyone and introduced the keynote speaker for the event, LSC President Jim Sandman. Jim emphasized to everyone how important efforts such as these for reaching a fundamental goal of the US, establishing justice. He reminded them that, in the preamble of our Constitution, establishing justice comes before even insuring domestic tranquility and providing for the common defense.

The participants next gathered together to hear ideas for projects such as tools to help users assess their technical expertise in order to see if certain tech tools are right for them and how social media might help persons with a legal problem find legal help they can afford.

They then divided into small groups by interest in particular projects and spread out through the law school to “hack for justice” until tomorrow at 5:00 pm when the projects will be presented to the judges. The competition is open to the public.

image of web developer on laptop

Glenn Rawdon, LSC Program Counsel and one of three Hackcess judges.

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