The Brand New LSC Website

September 6, 2015

Welcome to our new website! Here’s a little info on the Who? Why? What’s new? and Where did it go?

Who and Why

Legal Services Corporation is the single largest funder of civil legal aid. We worked with web and communications firm Beaconfire-RedEngine to redesign our website in such a way that the large amount of information that we store here can be found more easily, and to ensure that LSC’s mission and activities are apparent up front. With this new site, visitors should be able to quickly determine that:

  • We fund legal aid programs that serve poor people -- in every congressional district in every state & territory.
  • Civil legal aid is important because there is no right to an attorney in civil cases.  Yet the impact of civil cases can be devastating:  you can lose your home or your kids.   
  • We have many valuable resources to share with our grantees, the broader legal community, Capitol Hill, the media, funders, and the interested public.

What’s New?

  • A simplified navigational structure that organizes things more logically. What is Legal Aid? Who is LSC? What grant opportunities do they offer? What’s happening? What is there to watch? And how can you help?
  • A new, powerful search capability with related content links on most pages
  • A design that adjusts to your PC, laptop, phone or tablet’s screen.
  • And, coming soon, revamped tools to explore the public data that we collect on the funding and effectiveness of legal aid.

What’s Missing?

 We’ve moved all of our recent and critical content, rewriting some of it to make it easier to understand, and moving some important information out of PDFs and into plain text. We have more to do. In the meantime, access to our former site is available here.

We’re very excited to have a website that tells you who we are and clarifies our goals. Feedback is welcome. Let us know what you like, what could be improved, and what you’d like to see here.