Statement of ABA President Klein Re: Support for the Legal Services Corporation

February 21, 2017

The American Bar Association issued the following statement from their President, Linda Klein in support of LSC. 

WASHINGTON, Feb. 21, 2017 — The American Bar Association staunchly supports a robust Legal Services Corporation (LSC) to assure access to justice for all, the very idea that propelled our nation to independence. Our nation's core values are reflected in the LSC's work in securing housing for veterans, freeing seniors from scams, serving rural areas when others won’t, protecting battered women, helping disaster survivors back to their feet, and many others.

The LSC embodies these principles by securing the rights of the least fortunate among us, approximately 1.9 million families annually. Over the years, the LSC has drawn bipartisan support in Congress, where it is recognized that the benefits of the LSC’s work reach every congressional district. Thirty cost-benefit analyses all show that legal aid returns far more benefits than costs to communities across America. 

The American Bar Association was committed to the creation of the LSC when it was established in 1974 and today remains steadfastly determined to support its continued ability to fulfill its mission.

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