Former Congressman Artur Davis Writes Article Explaining Legal Aid’s Importance

March 15, 2017

Former Congressman Artur Davis speaks at LSC's 2006 Black History Month Luncheon event.

Former Congressman and current Legal Services Alabama Executive Director Artur Davis penned a March 13 op-ed explaining legal aid's importance to vulnerable veterans, seniors, and families. He described ways in which legal aid helps level the playing field for low-income Americans and why it deserves strong bipartisan support. 

"Much of our [Legal Services Alabama] caseload involves foreclosures: the Congress I used to serve in never got around to doing much to aid families who couldn't keep up with their house payments when the Great Recession hit," he wrote. "The day that I write this, two of our lawyers are filing a brief with the Alabama Supreme Court arguing that if a mortgage company goes through with a foreclosure, they should have to actually follow the rules outlined in the mortgage: most people would call that basic fairness."

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