Dubuque Homeless Shelters Expecting Surge Once Eviction Moratorium Expires

May 11, 2020

Dubuque’s homeless shelters have not experienced a rise in demand for housing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, directors are bracing for an “avalanche” of admissions when Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds’ moratorium on evictions and home foreclosures expires May 28. 

“We just know we are going to get blasted,” said Carol Gebhart, executive director of Opening Doors, a nonprofit organization that oversees Teresa Shelter and two other facilities.

Todd Schmidt, a staff attorney with Iowa Legal Aid in Dubuque, said the state moratorium does not forgive tenants’ rent obligations.

“It simply says the landlord is not allowed to take any steps to evict a tenant while a moratorium is in place. We do advise people to pay rent if they can while the moratorium is in effect,” said Schmidt.

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