Evictions in Texas Can Move Forward Again

May 19, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic cost millions of people their jobs, which means paying rent in the last two months became nearly impossible.

Housing advocates hoped Texas would change its mind, but last week the state supreme court ruled eviction proceedings can start moving forward again. On March 19, Governor Greg Abbott put a two-month moratorium on evictions. 

Channel 2 Investigates analyzed a database of 4,029 eviction cases filed in Harris County between March 2 and May 12. All of these cases can move forward again, along with those already filed and put on pause.

“As a result of those evictions for non-payment of rent, people will end up homeless, which is the last thing you want in a pandemic,” said Zoe Middleton, southeast Texas director for Texas Housers. 

Middleton and Dana Karni, an attorney with Lone Star Legal Aid, say there yet still may be a reprieve for tenants facing evictions. “There will be a lot of properties that will be subject to the Cares Act,” said Karni. 

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