Some Evictions Now Moving Forward in York County

May 21, 2020

Some of York County's 19 magisterial district judges have partially resumed landlord-tenant eviction cases, but they are taking different approaches — and none is accepting any new cases until mid-July.

There's no question that cases in which district judges granted possession, meaning eviction, to landlords before March 19 can now move to the next phase, in which constables post eviction notices giving tenants 10 days to move out, said Matt Rich, an attorney with MidPenn Legal Services. 

MidPenn attorneys advise clients that eviction moratoria aren't "free license not to pay rent," and urge clients to work out repayment with their landlords. Rich said, he has seen many landlords express a willingness to work with tenants who are behind on rent, rather than simply move to evict them. 

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