A Surge in Evictions in Wisconsin Expected After Ban Expired

May 28, 2020

Gov. Tony Evers had ordered landlords to hold off on filing new eviction notices during the pandemic, to help renters who were out of work get through the crisis. That order expired on May 26. 

Based on unemployment numbers in Wisconsin, Legal Action predicts there will be 4,400 new evictions, on top of the backlog in the courts that piled up when the order halted proceedings. 

"Probably we'll see the rush of filings in mid-June and things will tick up starting in July," said Heidi Wegleitner, an attorney with Legal Action of Wisconsin

There are just so many more people in this situation because of the COVID crisis and the economic impact it's had and so many people being unemployed. We had a crisis before. Now it's just that much worse, Wegleitner told 27 News.

Legal experts say it's important to reach out for help if you think you're facing possible eviction. And make sure to talk with your landlord to try to reach an agreement.

Meanwhile, a federal moratorium on evictions continues through July 25, so anyone living in federally-funded housing cannot be evicted until then.

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