Community Legal Aid Works to Bring Clarity as Eviction Moratorium Ends

July 7, 2020

The federal CARES ACT moratorium on evictions for people in subsidized housing, established during the pandemic, is set to expire soon. And that's confusing renters and courts alike. 

John Petit heads up Community Legal Aid's housing and consumer programs across eight counties. Petit says they recently sent clarification on eviction dates to the courts and have also been helping large landlords in the region understand the law. 

"Nobody can be evicted that is in any kind of subsidized housing no sooner than July 25. However, you can't give the notice to vacate before that time, and the notice you have to give is a 30-day notice, and so that really puts it back to August 25," Petit said. 

Community Legal Aid has been preparing, Petit said, for "an avalanche of evictions" to be issued as unemployment benefits run out, courts reopen, and the federal eviction moratorium ends.

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