First the Pandemic and Now the Evictions

July 7, 2020

Local agencies that offer rental assistance are bracing for new eviction cases in the coming weeks, excluding those receiving a longer reprieve because of the federal CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security).

“I think several landlords and their attorneys ... purposefully didn’t file (new evictions during the pandemic). They’ll wait and see if the tenant gets emergency assistance and see if anything gets worked out. I fear that once the courts open up full go, a lot of cases (will proceed). I’m just anticipating over the months of mid-July, August and September we’re going to see pretty substantial numbers going through,” said attorney John Petit, of Community Legal Aid. 

Community Legal Aid has focused considerable resources on the eviction issue in anticipation of a potential housing crisis. 

Legal Aid’s hotline is (800) 998-9454, although the agency suggests checking the website first for the most recent updates on what types of cases it’s handling.

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