City Looks to Extend Eviction Moratorium

July 20, 2020

Long Beach City Council looks to modify the city’s eviction moratorium for those impacted by COVID-19 set to expire July 31, in anticipation that the county’s ordinance may not provide the same protections. 

“It is not entirely clear to me that the county ordinance would for sure apply to Long Beach tenancies. If the Long Beach city ordinance expired and the county ordinance did apply, it wouldn’t necessarily cover all the tenancies that the city one did,” said Deputy City Attorney Rich Anthony.

Since Long Beach implemented its own moratorium on March 24, the city isn’t clear on how an extension or expiration will affect tenants.

“There are gaps in Long Beach’s eviction moratorium that are preventing renters from enjoying substantial protections that are available at the county level,” said Joshua Christian, an attorney with Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. 

Members of the City Council voiced their concerns over the uncertainty of the moratorium and emphasized the need for a quick solution.

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