Community Legal Aid Launches New Project to Curb Eviction Crisis

July 20, 2020

With major media outlets like the New York Times reporting an upcoming “avalanche” of evictions to plague the country in the coming weeks and months, Legal Aid has been gearing up for the same here in Northeast Ohio.

“We know the demand for attorneys is going to be greater than what we can do, so we’re looking at non-traditional ways of helping renters who may find themselves in the crosshairs. That’s why we’re launching TAP, we know that timing is everything when it comes to evictions,” said John Petit, Legal Aid’s managing attorney for housing programs. 

This is where TAP comes in. The program offers free, on-demand help for renters at whatever stage in the process they’re in:

—A hotline number of tenants can call to speak with an attorney and get advice on their situation.

—A virtual clinic offered each Tuesday at 4 p.m., where attendees can call in or join from their computer to get some general information on the eviction process, plus have a chance to speak with an attorney about their situation. 

—An online toolkit that walks renters through whatever stage of the eviction process they are in, helps them prepare for court, and provides template documents they’ll need.

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