Tenant Avoids Eviction Thanks to Community Resources

July 20, 2020

 In Tulsa County, evictions can be fast, confusing, and devastating.

"You can have your tenant evicted out of their unit within 12 days. It's really scary for people who aren't legally trained and who've never been in court before," said Eric Hallett with Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma. 

Hallett said if you miss your court date, you risk losing everything. Not knowing what to do, Gordon contacted the 2 Works for You Problem Solvers. Our team went to work contacting Restore Hope, which helps renters catch up on their rent to avoid eviction. 

However, it already has about 2,000 applications. From there, our team contacted the Family Promise of Tulsa County. 

"We had to change our model, we use existing resources by using local congregations to house our families, but they've been closed down since COVID-19. We have expanded our program and started an apartment shelter program," Tina Massey, Executive Director of Family Promise, said.

Unfortunately, the program had no apartments to offer, but it did work with Restore Hope and Legal Aid.

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