Memphis Agencies Assisting Vulnerable Renters as Key Federal Eviction Protection Set to Expire

July 21, 2020

Time is ticking for vulnerable Memphis area renters, negatively impacted by the coronavirus, due past rent and facing eviction.

"Tenants are definitely worried. COVID-19 cases are rising all the time, you don't need people out on the street with nowhere to be," said Memphis Area Legal Services CEO Cindy Ettingoff.

Unless Congress acts before then, this Saturday, landlords who benefited from the federal CARES act will not get that assistance.  

"Retaining housing for tenants right now is so important, especially if you are going to try to have you child school from home basically, or if you are going to enroll your child, you need an address to do that form," Ettingoff said.

Memphis Area Legal Services is assisting renters with eviction court hearings, pro bono attorneys, and other resources.

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