As Iowa Courthouses Reopen Evictions Begin to Rise

July 23, 2020

Twenty-two evictions in Polk County were entered this month by the court despite clear violations of the CARES Act or the Iowa eviction moratorium, according to data from Iowa Legal Aid. 

Iowa Legal Aid's team has been tracking evictions across the state, particularly in Polk County, since Gov. Kim Reynolds announced the moratorium for renters and homeowners would not be renewed in late May. 

What's most concerning about the data that Iowa Legal Aid's team uncovered in Polk County is the number of Iowa families who lost their homes. According to the data, at least 74 families were evicted. Nineteen involved agreements to move out, while 55 involved the court ordering an eviction. Of those cases, 22 involved evictions entered by the court despite violations of the CARES Act of the state eviction moratorium.

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