Arizona Renters Hurt by COVID-19 Must Follow These 4 Steps by Aug. 22 to Avoid Eviction

July 24, 2020

Arizona renters struggling due to COVID-19 have gained more time to avoid eviction, but they must submit new paperwork to their landlords by Aug. 22 to keep their homes.

Under Gov. Doug Ducey's extension of the state's eviction moratorium through Oct. 31, renters must:

  • Re-notify the landlord of their hardship.
  • Show proof of their ongoing hardship.
  • Request a payment plan from their landlord.
  • Show they have completed an application for rental aid.

If renters don't understand or follow the new requirements of the moratorium extension, they could get kicked out, said Pamela Bridge, of Community Legal Services, which provides free legal help to low-income Arizonans.

Renters should make sure the landlord receives the documents by sending them through email or certified mail and should keep copies on hand to provide to a judge or constable.

Even if a renter provides the required paperwork to the landlord, the landlord can take the tenant to court for overdue rent, and a judge can grant an eviction judgment. 

But if a tenant shows the paperwork to a constable who arrives to lock the tenant out, the constable is supposed to let the renter stay. 

All accumulated rent and late fees come due once a tenant's health or income improves, or the order expires Oct. 31, whichever comes first.

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