North Texas Tenants Fear Evictions

July 27, 2020

Under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, tenants living in properties with federally backed mortgages were protected from eviction for 120 days after the date the law was enacted. That period ended Saturday. The act also requires landlords to give a 30-day notice to vacate, so the earliest they can file an eviction is Aug. 24.

Between 20 and 28 million Americans are likely to become displaced as a result of the coronavirus crisis, housing expert Emily Benfer told CNBC. That's more than double the number of people who lost their homes during the 2008 foreclosure crisis, Benfer said. 

Nonprofits are running out of funds to aid indigent tenants. Many Dallas agencies no longer have rental assistance available, said Dewey Marshall, coordinator at the North Texas Fair Housing Center. 

Those who live in surrounding North Texas cities may not be offered such a payment plan, however. Even if Congress approves another sweeping act to aid the nation's renters, Brock said she's worried relief will arrive too late.

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