An Eviction Crisis Looms Over San Diego County as Moratoriums End

August 5, 2020

According to a study by the consulting firm Stout, over 40% of California’s renters are currently unable to pay their full rent and are at risk of eviction. In San Diego, with its already elevated rents and lack of affordable housing, the issue looks very much the same. Right now, the region has several overlapping moratoriums placed on possible evictions. But many of them have already expired or are set to expire within weeks.

The eviction moratorium for the unincorporated areas of San Diego county expired on July 1st. The City of San Diego’s moratorium expires on September 30th, with renters allowed to make repayments until December 30th. The Chula Vista City Council just extended their moratorium until the end of August. Other cities have moratoriums, but it’s inconsistent throughout the county. “This is much more about our ability to avoid a homelessness crisis, and another health crisis on top of the one we already have,” said Greg Knoll of the Legal Aid Society of San Diego which represents some San Diego tenants in housing court.

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