As Pandemic Moratoriums on Evictions End: Worries Start

August 7, 2020

As an attorney at the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, Abigail Staudt (Stout) understands the concerns around evictions happening during a pandemic.

“It’s wrong to potentially cause someone to have unstable housing. It’s wrong that somebody might have to move in with friends or family during this time when we really want people to be socially isolated, and we see that people living in close proximity to each other is what is most likely to have higher rates of transmission.”

Despite the ongoing pandemic, a federal moratorium on evictions has expired and some landlords can once again evict a tenant if they are behind on their rent. 

Staudt says The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland is mainly seeing two types of cases right now--families who have lost their source of income and can’t afford rent and fees, and those who have had a family member get sick with COVID-19.

“It’s a terrible situation for a family to be in--to have sick household members and having to pack up and move and not knowing where they may be able to go during this crisis period of time.”

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