Making it in the Mid-South: Nearly 9,000 Memphis families face eviction

September 15, 2020

Nearly 9,000 families in Memphis face eviction as the pandemic continues to take a heavy toll.

Memphis councilwoman Rhonda Logan told FOX13 she’s trying to work with families who impacted.

One of her constituents came home from the hospital recently to an eviction letter with her possessions out on the street.

Logan said the woman had the coronavirus and could not work.

“No one should have to deal with that at this time,” Logan said. “That’s a very challenging time for her, and she was still getting over COVID and the symptoms.”

Shelby County Commissioner Van Turner, who’s also an attorney, saw evictions playing out firsthand in the courtroom.

“They’re giving the tenants time and try to work with the landlords as they negotiate with their lenders because they have pressure as well to pay their loan,” Turner stated.

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