CDC eviction moratorium likely to protect most Wyoming households, but questions remain

September 22, 2020

A federal eviction moratorium on a variety of Department of Housing and Urban Development-backed and public housing properties expired at the end of July. On Sept. 1, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued its own eviction moratorium with a much wider breadth.

Natrona County renters have for the most part been shielded from evictions in the midst of the pandemic, but during the gap between the HUD and the CDC moratoriums, a handful of families have either been evicted or threatened with the action, according to the Natrona County Community Action Partnership.


Since the HUD-issued moratorium expired at the end of July, between six and 10 families in Natrona County have faced eviction for not being able to pay the lump sum of rent at once, said Lily Patton, the Housing First program manager for the Natrona County Community Action Partnership.

The families had been unaware the rent payments would be due once the moratorium expired, Patton explained. The families were at “varying degrees” of being able to pay the amount and not all families were evicted, but a handful were.


For the most part, however, evictions have been scarce in Casper, said Casper-based Legal Aid of Wyoming attorney David Ziemer.

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