'It's very frustrating': Couple evicted after not filing correct CDC paperwork, attorney details process

September 25, 2020

A young Papillion family said they lost their home because they didn't have the right paperwork.

They said they tried telling the judge about the CDC’s eviction moratorium, but they hadn’t filled out the proper paperwork for it to apply to them.

A Legal Aid of Nebraska attorney wants to raise awareness about the process to file and the help that's available for renters.

"It’s to the point where we're just throwing stuff in boxes and putting a label on it and we'll sort it out when we get where we're going,” Andrew Houchin said.

Andrew and Ally Houchin were given seven days to get out of their Papillion apartment.

"We were three months behind, so June, July and August,” Andrew Houchin said.

They got behind on rent and their complex gave them a notice they needed to pay.

But they didn't have any way to pay.

"About the same time I lost my job, she lost her job as well," Andrew Houchin said.

Both were let go from their company in the summer.

In court, Andrew tried to argue the CDC’s moratorium on evictions, but they hadn't filled out the petition needed for it to apply to them.

"The judge basically politely said she didn’t care. That was the most frustrating part. If we knew there was a petition to fill out, we would have filled it out, we would have done everything we needed to do,” Andrew Houchin said.

Ally said she exhausted her family’s savings trying to get their situation sorted out.

Legal Aid of Nebraska is hoping to raise awareness about the petition to stop situations like the Houchins'. It's too late for them because of the judge's ruling.

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