Pandemic takes tenants, landlords on emotional roller coaster ride

September 29, 2020

Michael Von Gunten lost his job as a machinist at Rubbermaid in December of 2019 after the company downsized.

He received unemployment, but when that ran out, the 58-year-old struggled to pay his $600 rent at a duplex on Mogadore Road in Akron's Ellet neighborhood.

He has worked temporary jobs in recent months but hasn't been able to find full time employment during the COVID-19 crisis.

Last month, he began donating his plasma in order to make some money.

"Of course, it's depressing and you're stressed out," Von Gunten said. "I'm just trying to make it. Everybody has got problems. I'm doing the best I can right now."

His landlord, Kelly Bonsky, also feels the financial pressures created by the uncertainty of the pandemic, and in July, filed an eviction complaint against Von Gunten, arguing she was owed $1,800 for the months of May, June, and July.

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