Manhattan disabled couple faces homelessness after landlord finds loophole in state, federal moratorium

December 7, 2020

Alice Nondorf and Gary LaBarge both grew up in the small town of Concordia, running in separate social crowds. However, their paths crossed years later when they connected on Facebook and began their love story.

Nondorf moved to an apartment complex in Manhattan about a year ago, to the same complex LaBarge lives in, and they became engaged “I’ve really enjoyed Manhattan and being closer to him, not having to travel all the time,” Nondorf said.

However, that apartment complex ended up causing them more stress than they could have ever imagined. In November, the couple said they were given a 30-day notice that the company, ManApart, LLC, a subsidiary of Genesis Health Clubs, would not be renewing their leases.

This is a loophole in state and federal moratoriums that prevent landlords from evictions to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

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