A crisis hits the home: As pandemic rages, a federal moratorium on evictions is about to expire

December 11, 2020

After nine-plus months of dealing with the tumultuous life upheaval caused by the pandemic — on-again, off-again jobs, opening and closing of public schools, and the overall anxiety posed by COVID-19 — Paige Spaulding and her husband, Jordan Jones, are now facing an even scarier prospect: eviction.

Spaulding, 23, first lost her job as a barista at Elms College when the pandemic hit in March. She returned part-time in August, but then found herself out of work again at the end of November when the college went all remote with COVID-19 cases rising. That left Spaulding, Jones, and three young children (ages 2, 3 and 6), without her income.

The family has been having trouble making their $1,050 monthly rental payments with Jones out of work since March in his job as a mover and with Spaulding’s work situation. Then came a 30-day notice of eviction from their landlords.

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