Indiana plans to disburse $448 million in emergency rental assistance

February 8, 2021

Indiana will release a draft of its emergency rental assistance program policy on Monday, after receiving a large allotment of funds from the last stimulus bill.

The U.S. Treasury provided $448 million to the state, some of which will be doled out to individual communities like Indianapolis for their own direct programs.

For many renters across Indiana, applications will once again open at, likely later this month.

“The demand continues to increase,” said Brandon Beeler, Director of Indiana Legal Services’ Housing Law Center.

Beeler’s team has reported a steady rise in requests for help, including renters who are in danger of losing housing or becoming homeless.

“Sometimes those folks don’t know that these programs are available,” Beeler said. “We advertise them on our website (and) all our community partners do as well.”

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