TIG 2017 Rapid Fire Tech: Show and Tell of Technology Projects and Ideas

If you had six minutes to share an idea, best practice, or show off a TIG project, what would you talk about? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 20 seconds? Around the world, geeks have been putting together events like this to share their ideas. This plenary featured a series of short presentations highlighting innovative technology projects and ideas. It was fast paced and informative!

Presenters: Sue Encherman, Director of Administration, Northwest Justice Project; Jack Haycock, Client Focused Technology Innovator, Pine Tree Legal Assistance; Chuck Hays, Director of IT, The Florida Bar Foundation; Katrina Miller, Legal Content Manager, Florida Justice Technology Center; Jonathon Petts, Executive Director, Upsolve; Keith Porcaro, CTO/General Counsel, SIMLab; Caroline Robinson, Massachusetts Websites Project Co-director, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute; Anna Steele, Senior Consultant, Just-Tech, LLC.