TIG 2016: One SharePoint Journey, to Infinity and Beyond!

SharePoint 2013 is a great information management tool but implementing it can appear daunting. This session covered how LAF in Chicago began their SharePoint 2013 journey and, during the course of 21 months, designed and implemented their SharePoint 2013 system – appropriately named “LAFPoint.” The presenters describe the process of designing LAFPoint to work with LAF’s culture and staff, the hardware and software challenges they confronted along the way, and the ongoing need for good public relations and training.

LAFPoint’s developer has shared the code for a portal dashboard application for SharePoint built using AngularJS and Bootstrap: github.com/nuveminc/legalportal

Presenters: Vivian Hessel, Director of Technology for Advocates, LAF; Eric Fong, IT Supervisor, LAF; Mark Pace, SharePoint Consultant, Nuvem, Inc.