TIG 2016: U Need UX: Design for Everyday People

Why do you need user experience (UX) design? Take that unfamiliar copier. You press the icons on the screen until you finally find 'print'. But wait, the copies arrive uncollated, landscape instead of portrait, and stapled in the wrong corner. That's a user experience - a bad one! That copier needs a UX design. UX design improves a user’s interaction with a service/product to take less time, be more intuitive, and produce a better outcome. Learn from website staff who are using UX design in their practices, delivery, and technology development. Participants also created user personas or user journeys for a real or imaginary service/product.

Presenters: Teri Ross, Program Director, Illinois Legal Aid Online; Matthew Burnett, Director, Immigration Advocates Network; Angela Tripp, Director, Michigan Legal Help Program.