Panel: Rethinking Legal Aid | LSCs 40th Anniversary Conference

November 11, 2014
Panel Presentations: Rethinking Legal Aid

Studies consistently show that the current system for providing legal aid in the United States addresses only 20% of the civil legal needs of low-income Americans, and LSC’s “Justice Gap” reports showed that only half of the people who seek assistance from LSC grantees actually get help.

How can we move toward providing some form of effective assistance to 100% of people otherwise unable to afford an attorney for dealing with essential civil legal needs? What would a well-functioning, affordable, realistic system that provides real access to justice look like?

These presentations suggest a reconsideration of the service-delivery model for civil legal aid while building on the recommendations set forth in LSC’s recent Technology Summit report.

Lisa Colpoys, CEO, Illinois Legal Aid Online
Professor Scott Cummings, UCLA Law School
Professor Deborah Rhode, Stanford Law School
Professor Ronald Staudt, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
Professor David Wilkins, Harvard Law School
Robert J. Grey, Jr. (Moderator), Board Member, LSC, and Partner, Hunton & Williams


Watch the Video of Rethinking Legal Aid Panel