Program Letter 03-2

TO: All LSC Program Directors
FROM: Randi Youells, Vice President for Programs
DATE: April 16, 2003

Program Letter 01-5 eliminated all exceptions to the requirement that any case reported to LSC in the CSR’s must be supported by client financial eligibility information. While LSC will continue this policy, we want to find a way to take into account cases closed with Title III or Title IV Older Americans Act funding where it is not feasible to collect client financial information because Title III and Title IV require that all elderly clients be served without any means test. Sampling indicates that clients in 50-55% of such cases actually meet LSC financial eligibility requirements.

In order to preserve the principle that the CSR’s count only cases that meet all LSC eligibility requirements while still collecting information on these Title III and Title IV cases, LSC will leave the main CSR forms unchanged but make an additional place at the end of the form available where the total number of Title III and Title IV cases closed that do not have financial eligibility information but are otherwise LSC-eligible can be reported. The total number of such Title III and Title IV cases would be reported without any breakdown as to reason for case closure or case type. Since we understand programs report these cases to the Title III and Title IV funders anyway, it would not be any significant extra burden on them to report these totals to LSC.

Programs would exclude any cases that have already been included in the CSR’s (programs do have financial eligibility information for some Title III and Title IV cases) and would also exclude any case which is ineligible for other than financial eligibility reasons (for example cases where citizenship/eligible alien status is not documented, class actions, prisoner cases).

At the end of the CSR form, we plan to eliminate the current questions about number of non-LSC funded cases which are no longer necessary and substitute the following:

  • Did you close any cases funded under Titles III or IV of the Older Americans Act? 

Yes___ No___

  • If yes, please report the total number of Title III and Title IV cases, excluding cases already reported to LSC and cases ineligible for reasons other than client financial eligibility.