Resolutions 1975

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Resolution Number Date Title
1975-25   Resolution: Thanking Jeannette Sisson
1975-24   Resolution: Appointing Charles E. Jones Secretary of LSC
1975-23   Resolution: Authorizing President to seek extension of date of applicability of section 1006(a)(3)
1975-22   Resolution: Thanks to Louis F. Oberdorfer for services as President
1975-21   Resolution: Authorizing appointment of committee on alternative and supplemental methods of delivery of Legal Services
1975-20   Resolution: Publication for comment of proposed state advisory council regulations
1975-19   Resolution: Promulgation of Freedom of Information Act Regulations
1975-18   Resolution: Authorization of payment to Morgan, Lewis & Bockius as temporary counsel
1975-17   Resolution: Acceptance of union contracts
1975-16   Resolution: Appointment of Thomas Ehrlich as President
1975-15   Resolution: Principles to guide LSC reauthorization
1975-14 12-11-75 Resolution: Authority to deposit corporate funds in two other banks besides Riggs National Bank
1975-13 11-06-75 Resolution: Establishment of Committee on Provision on Legal Services
1975-12 11-06-75 Resolution: Dissolving the Committee on Administration and change in status of Committee on Audit and Appropriations and Committee on Regulations
1975-11 11-06-75 Resolution: Establishing the Office of Executive Vice President and appointing E. Clinton Bamgerger, Jr.
1975-10 09-09-75 Resolution: Freedom of Information Act Regulations for LSC
1975-09 09-09-75 Resolution: Qualifications and factors for consideration in search for LSC President
1975-08 09-08-75 Resolution: Retaining of Price Waterhouse and Company for various accounting purposes
1975-07 07-14-75 Resolution: Establishing the Committee on By-Laws and Regulations
1975-06 07-14-75 Resolution: Establishing the Committee on Administration to formulate certain administration policies
1975-05 07-14-75 Resolution: Authorizing the duties of the Chairman
1975-04 07-14-75 Resolution: Establishing the Committee on Appropriations and Audit to assist the committee with FY 1976 appropriations request
1975-03 07-14-75 Resolution: Authorizing appointment of Presidential search committee
1975-02 07-14-75 Resolution: Authorizing Chairman to take appropriate action with regard to corporate organization, business and tax exempt status
1975-01 07-14-75 Resolution: Certificate as to establishment of Legal Services Corporation and designation of its Agent to Accept Service of Process