Resolutions 1994

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Resolution Number Date Title
1994-023 12-12-94 Resolution: Authorizing board chair or designee to act for the board on appropriations or legislative measures
1994-022 12-11-94 Resolution: Budget request for FY 1996
1994-021 11-05-94 Resolution: Allocation of remaining FY 1995 funds available
1994-020 11-05-94 Resolution: Adoption of 45 CFR part of 1607 as a final rule
1994-019 10-01-94 Resolution: Temporary consolidated operating budget for FY 1995 and distribution of grants funds in FY 1995
1994-018 10-01-94 Resolution: Thanks to Professor Michael Tigar for his report on potential uses of funds in the Budget line item for law school clinical programs
1994-017 08-05-94 Resolution: Reallocation of funds in the Management and Administration Budget
1994-016 06-18-94 Resolution: FY 1995 budget request: allocations among line items and distribution within line items at less than $500 million
1994-015 05-13-94 Resolution: Reallocating of funds in the Management and Administration from other funds available
1994-014 05-13-94 Resolution: Realloacting of funds in the Management and Administration Budget
1994-013 05-13-94 Resolution: Amendment to the Corporation's by-laws
1994-012 04-16-94 Resolution: Publication in the Federal Register of proposed amendment to the corporation's by-laws
1994-011 04-16-94 Resolution: Applications for the position of President
1994-010 04-16-94 Resolution: Removal of the corporation's by-laws from the Code of Federal Regulations
1994-009 03-11-94 Resolution: Regarding Executive Vice President
1994-008 03-11-94 Resolution: Solicitation of funding under the National and Community Service Act
1994-007 03-11-94 Resolution: Rescindment of 1988 board resolution regarding grantees' failure to provide the corporation access to documents
1994-006 01-28-94 Resolution: Law school clinical grants for 1994
1994-005 01-08-94 Resolution: Reauthorization position statement
1994-004 01-08-94 Resolution: Retention of consulting firm to assist with the Presidential search effort
1994-003 01-08-94 Resolution: Regarding action of non renewal with David L. Wilkinson
1994-002 01-08-94 Resolution: Receipt by the President of compensation from outside sources
1994-001 01-07-94 Resolution: Regarding Presidential Search Advisory Committee